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Made purposely

Nothing sets the tone of a great drinking experience quite like a beautifully presented drink. Enthusiasts want to feast their eyes before sipping an expertly crafted cocktail. With this in mind, we put more than ten years of experience working at some of the best bars in the world into creating the Signature Cut glassware series. Our four glasses were created to not only deliver aesthetics: whether built, shaken, stirred or thrown, your cocktail will always be perfectly balanced, diluted and chilled until the last sip. Signature Cut pays homage to the craft of food & beverage, and appeals to professionals as well as home-mixologists.

All of our glasses are handcrafted, with balanced weight and durability to boot. Each glass is unique and perfectly imperfect, as per the Japanese philosophy of wabisabi. Drinking a cocktail from one of our glasses is a celebration of craftsmanship, from the glass-blowers, to the distillers and bartenders. Cheers!

Crafted by hand


Excellence takes time. The Czech Republic has long been revered for its superior crystal and glass, made from distinctively fine sand. It is made out of crystal glass and it is lead-free. The Signature Cut series is made in a family workshop tucked away in the pine forests of the Czech mountains, which has been hand-blowing and cutting glass for over 300 years. These skills have been passed down through many generations passing from a master to an apprentice to create the Signature Cut range. We can assure you that our range is 100% made by these masters. We feel obligated to sustain this dying craft which has been around for centuries and we hope you would appreciate it as much as we do.