what is the purpose

Glassware range



Our cocktail coupe is designed for classic cocktails to fit Martini as same as Manhattan, Brooklyn or any of the forgotten classics and their modern twists. We believe in the elegant and timeless look; and durability in a busy cocktail bar. Due to the 100% handmade process each of the glass will vary in quantity, although we aim to fit 165ml of any of your stirred concoction.




This purposefully crafted crystal glass is designed to fit any shaken classics such as White Lady, Daiquiri or Espresso Martini. Beautifully cut cup and stem attached directly to a solid base for the convenience of any professional bartender. This glass holds approximately 200 milliliters of a cocktail or Champagne.




While designing the size of our Rock glass, we have believed that a proper cocktail or a spirit should be served on hand-carved ice. Including a perfect dilution, you can fit classic recipe for Negroni or Old fashioned. This glass will feel just perfect for a cocktail as same as for neat spirit due to its balance in hand and easy-matching design to your range of wine glasses. The size we aim for is 285 milliliters.




A highball size specially designed for golden ratio Gin & Tonics (1 part of Gin: 2 parts of Tonic). In this glass, you enjoy your favorite Gin brand and matching tonic as same as Dark & Stormy or Mojito. Lead-free Crystal glass of the highest quality compliments the rest of the glass range in its design and purpose. We aim to make this highball glass in quantity of 350 milliliters.